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Czech Symphony Orchestra| | Tel.: +420 602 695 049

Czech Symphony Orchestra

Since 1994, we have been contracting tailored orchestras for a wide range of projects from chamber ensembles to large orchestras with choruses. Our instrumentalists have a long experience in both film and classical music recording as well as in concert activities.

We offer comprehensive services in the field of music. Our team will arrange not only the recording of music itself, but also all the other related matters from note sheets, studio booking, translations to most of the world languages and final mixing to the booking of your air tickets, accommodation, transfers or even your evening programme.

Having experience with all the recording studios in Prague, we will recommend and arrange the most suitable one according to your project type and budget.

Since we have our own recording equipment, we are not dependent on any studio technology.

Recent projects of the Czech Symphony Orchestra include the recording of music for the new Czech films Lidice, Hranaři, Probudím se včera or Vrásky z lásky.

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